Dahlonega Care Center is a pregnancy help center, offering all services free of charge. We offer services for those who think they might be pregnant, for those who are pregnant, and for those with a baby up to one year of age. Open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11:30 – 4:30. Please call (706) 867-7452 to make an appointment.

Free pregnancy testing is provided at the first visit, if needed, and with a positive pregnancy test result, a free limited OB ultrasound is offered. Proof of Pregnancy form can also be given on this visit with a positive test result. The ultrasound is to help determine the gestational age and to determine a viable pregnancy, but is not offered for diagnostic purposes. Clients may bring other family members to view the ultrasound, if desired. A one-month supply of prenatal vitamins are given to those who have a positive pregnancy test. An Earn While You Learn program enables parents to learn about prenatal, infant, and toddler care as well as nutrition and life skills while earning “Mommy Money” and “Daddy Dollars”. Several rooms are set up with baby items which parents can “purchase” with their “money”. Diapers, formula, baby beds, strollers, baby clothes and much more are available with diapers $1 (Mommy Money) a dozen for most sizes. An average lesson is 1/2 an hour which provides $2 “Money” to be spent on baby items. Clients can spend 1/2 hour to several hours and earn what they need for their baby. At the Educational Center, office training as well as retail job training is part of the program.